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Our Mission/Vision

“Utilizing our array of  cruise and all-inclusive resort suppliers, we strive to provide our clients the most memorable travel adventures, exposing them to new cultures, exquisite cuisines, and breathtaking sceneries.

Our travels have taken us on photo safaris in Kenya, the pyramids of Giza, Luxor and Abu Simbel in Egypt, the Holy Lands of Rome, Israel, Ephesus,  Italy, the Mediterrean, Panama Canal and Hawaii.  Our focus on personalized service and attention to detail differentiates MYO’S Worldwide Travel from other agencies and mass-market travel websites.

With thousands of travel destinations, cruise lines, hotels, and resorts to choose from, we’ve found that specializing in cruises and all-inclusive resorts, allows us to become deeply knowledgeable in these products which helps you the consumer maximize your budget.  Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruises, along with Sandals and Beaches resorts offer some of the best travel experiences to luxurious destinations.

We strive to provide our clients with meaningful experiences, and we look forward to offering our services to help you make lifetime memories.  Whether it’s a cruise to the Bahamas, an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica or Mexico, an Alaskan cruise or a World Voyage, MYO’S Worldwide Travel is here for you.  Call or email us to let us help you plan your next adventure. 

Feel the Sand between Your Toes at Caribbean:
Pure Relaxation.

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