Cruises are a great way to please the entire family...

Cruises  are a great way to please the entire family.  Several cruise lines offer amenities geared towards children of all ages.  Most ships have activity centers for youth and teens where they can make new friends and play to their hearts content.  While the parents relax, their children are being supervised.  


Cruises offer an array of activities for everyone...

Cruises offer an array of activities for everyone. Age specific programs for children and youth offer fun and educational programs as well as sporting tournaments and theme parties. Fun activities for any age group include culinary classes, art auctions, fitness programs, arts and crafts sessions, sports courts where you can play Pickleball, Basketball, or Volleyball, specialinterest demonstrations and round the clock food and entertainment.

Cruises offer you the best of all possible worlds...

Cruises offer you the best of all possible worlds. You can travel to several different islands or countries with the ease of unpacking once. There are fabulous dining venues available in addition to the traditional dining rooms aboard the ship. Your cruise fare will include accommodations, meals (unless you choose one of the specialty dining venues) fitness equipment, classes and entertainment, children, and youth programs and of course shopping. Most cruise lines offer spa services comparable to some of the most exquisite spas as home.

You can customize your cruise vacation...

You can customize your cruise vacation to include flights, ground transportation and accommodations, (pre or post your cruise) as well as excursions during the cruise.   Cruising is one of the best ways to see the world and many cruise lines offer short 3,4- or 5-day cruises, to World Cruises as long as 14 day or longer.  There are no limits to what you can do on today’s cruise ships.

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